Luiza & Can Ansay Wedding in Monaco

A film directed by Theo Pitout

The Enchanting Love Saga of Can & Luiza Ansay

Love stories have an allure that captivates us with their romance and intrigue. How did you meet your significant other? How swiftly did you realize that fate had intervened? In my case, fortune smiled upon me in the form of my husband, a true knight in shining armor. Our story began amidst the turmoil of the first summer of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the picturesque setting of Monaco.

Having relocated to Paris from Monte Carlo, I found myself at a crossroads when destiny intervened. Engrossed in my career in luxury goods, I was oblivious to the arrival of the man who would change my life forever. It’s a common tale – sometimes, we’re so focused on our ambitions that we fail to recognize true love when it stands before us. My journey of self-discovery led me to understand the importance of embracing my femininity and trusting my heart. Monaco, with its aura of exclusivity and allure, proved to be my sanctuary. It’s a place where the elite converge, a perfect backdrop for serendipitous encounters. Little did I know that amidst the glitz and glamour, I would find my soulmate. Our paths crossed in the iconic Casino Square, where my husband often reminisces about winning the greatest gamble of his life – meeting me.

Despite his initial audacity, his charm and persistence gradually melted my defenses. Our rendezvous continued, each moment etched with the promise of a burgeoning romance. Against the backdrop of Monaco’s opulence, we embarked on a journey of discovery, exploring the finest establishments and indulging in life’s luxuries. Yet, it was during a vulnerable moment that his unwavering support and care revealed his true character, and I realized that he was the one destined to hold my heart. In the intricate tapestry of our relationship lies the secret to our enduring love. Trust, communication, and mutual respect form the cornerstone of our union. We understand the delicate dance between independence and partnership, embracing our differences with grace and understanding.

Our passion for our respective careers fuels our journey, intertwining business with pleasure as we navigate life’s adventures together. My husband’s romantic gestures, from commemorating the anniversary of our first meeting to celebrating each month as a testament to our love, remind me daily of the importance of cherishing the bonds we share. In a world where instant gratification reigns supreme, his commitment to our relationship is a rare and precious gift. As we continue to weave our story amidst the ever-changing landscape of life, we remain steadfast in our devotion, committed to nurturing the flame of love that burns brightly within our hearts.

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